Sheet Stock, Rubber Sheet, and Silicone Sheet

Elasto Proxy designs and fabricates sheet stock, rubber sheet, and silicone sheet for many different industries and applications. Choose from our wide selection of standard sheet stock, or ask about our custom fabrication capabilities. Standard sheet shock is calendared and molded, made of foam or solid rubber, and available in various thicknesses. Custom fabricated sheeting comes in custom thicknesses and is available in specialty materials with laminates or adhesives already applied.

How to Choose Sheet Stock

sheet stock, rubber sheet, silicone sheet
sheet stock, rubber sheet, silicone sheet

Elasto Proxy provides standard and custom-fabricated sheeting made of natural or synthetic rubbers, rubber compounds or blends, and silicone. In addition to material and dimensions,durometer (duro) is an important specification to consider.  A measure of hardness, duro indicates a material’s resistance to permanent indentation when a specific amount of pressure is applied. Rubber or silicone sheet stock with a lower durometer value is softer than rubber sheet or silicone sheeting with a higher value.

Natural Rubber Sheets

Natural rubber sheeting provides superior abrasion resistance and is ideal for sealing challenges that require high tensile and elongation characteristics. Resistant to many acids, bases, and organic salts, this type of sheet stock also conforms to surfaces with flanges and bolt heads. Natural rubber sheets have excellent tear strength and are relatively resilient for a material that doesn’t hold memory. Rubber sheet rolls can be cut to size with our water jet cutter for your specific application.

Synthetic Rubber Sheets

Synthetic rubber sheeting is used in applications ranging from industrial sealing to medical bandages. Neoprene, a versatile synthetic rubber, is useful over a wide temperature range and provides strong physical toughness. Resistant to ozone, sunlight, and weather, neoprene sheeting also resists many oils and chemicals. Depending upon your application, Elasto Proxy can source neoprene sheet rolls made of special anti-static or FDA-approved grades and then cut neoprene sheets to size.

Silicone Sheets

Silicone sheeting resists ozone, sunlight, and oxidation while providing excellent flexibility at low temperatures. A strong electrical insulator with superior color stability and a low compression set, silicone also withstands extreme temperature changes. Many silicone elastomers are one- or two-part polymers that contain filler materials to reduce costs. Specialty silicone sheeting is made of commercial grade (CG) or premium grade (PG) silicone, and includes both FDA-approved and translucent materials.

Custom Fabricated Sheets

For over 20 years, Elasto Proxy has provided high-quality, low-volume rubber products and sealing solutions to a wide variety of industries. Visit our website for more information, or contact us today. Do you need to source standard sheet stock, rubber sheeting, or silicone sheeting? Do you need to strengthen your supply chain with custom fabrication? Ask Elasto Proxy. How can we help you?

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