Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Shipping Cross-Border

Whether you use cross-border shipping services occasionally or regularly, it’s important to have a decent understanding of how the process works. Unfortunately, some companies don’t take the time to do this. That can lead to costly and inconvenient mistakes. So, if you need help with shipping from Canada to the USA, these are the mistakes to avoid.

Inadequate Planning and Preparation

Contacting one of the best cross-border shipping companies on the same day you need a load delivered is never a good idea. Not only do you need to get everything in order on your end, but the transportation company you hire also needs to go through a specific process to accommodate you.

That doesn’t mean a company that provides cross-border shipping services for businesses in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA can’t help. However, trying to get a load transported from one border to another on the same day as requested complicates things. To avoid added expenses and ensure the cargo arrives on time, plan early.

Unqualified Custom Broker

Certain freight commonly gets stopped at the border for an inspection. That includes agriculture, trade, and other risky supply chain loads. The problem is that these inspections take a lot of time. If you need to ship cargo considered “risky,” it’s worth hiring a well-qualified custom broker to facilitate your shipment.

Unhealthy Relationship with the Transportation Company

When shipping from Canada to the USA, one of the best ways to enjoy a streamlined process is by having a good relationship with a respected transportation company. If you use shipping services often, first identify a reputable source. Over time, work to build a solid connection.

Having a healthy relationship with a transporter means the company considers your business valuable. Therefore, it’s going to do everything possible to make sure your cargo gets across the border in the simplest, easiest, and fastest way.

Improper or Insufficient Documentation

Every company that offers cross-border shipping services for businesses in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA must have the correct documentation from its customers. Not only does that help with logistics, but it’s also a law. Amazingly, about 35 percent of drivers working for transportation companies show up at the border with a load not having the correct documents in hand.

Depending on missing or insufficient documents, your cargo could sit at the border for some time. For customers who don’t gather the necessary documentation, cross-border shipping companies must obtain the proper materials, have them reviewed, and then wait to have them approved. This can put a business at significant risk.

Inexperienced Shipper

When it comes to shipping from Canada to the USA, you can’t trust your cargo to just any company. Instead, you want to hire a transporter with experience, an excellent reputation, knowledge of cross-border shipping, and hands-on logistics. The ease with which your cargo goes from one border to the next is highly dependant on the qualifications and capabilities of the transportation company you select.

We Put Our Customers First

Kapish Roadline is an experienced transportation carrier that works hard to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. For superior cross-border shipping services for businesses in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA, give us a call.

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