SPIROL Receives 2013 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Windsor, ON – For the second year in a row, SPIROL Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce the receipt of General Motors 2013 Supplier Quality Excellence Award.

According to an article published by General Motors on their news media web site, GM recognized their “suppliers who have demonstrated the highest levels of quality performance over the past 12 months”.

The requirements for the Quality Excellence Award include a number of parameters including, but not limited to:

– Zero late delivers in the last 12 months

– Zero plant disruptions in the last 12 months

– Zero PRRs (Problem, Reporting and Resolution) in the last 12 months

– Meeting a quality standard for defects that does not exceed 1 per million pieces shipped.

In all, each supplier who won the award met more than twelve quality criteria over a period of twelve months. Grace Lieblein, Vice President, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain stated “Each winning company has consistently exceeded our expectations by delivering high-quality products on time, which helps us creating compelling value for our customers.”

This is a significant achievement and a testament to SPIROL’s operational excellence and quality control considering the millions of parts supplied to General Motors from SPIROL’s global locations.

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SPIROL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer of a diverse  line of engineered components for fastening and joining, including  precision shims, coiled and slotted spring pins, solid pins, disc  springs, alignment dowels and bushings, spacers, compression limiters,  machined nuts, threaded inserts for plastics, pin and insert  installation equipment, and vibratory parts feeders.


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