Success Story – SAMES InoBell®

United Kingdom
Leading Manufacturer of physical security, industrial doors, roller and sectional garage doors and roofing systems.

Production :

Security gates and roller shutter doors which are manufactured in mild steel and aluminum and coated with Polyester powder

• Size of work pieces :  from 1 meter long up to 7 meters maximum

• Conveyor speed:   1.1 to 1.8 m/min.

• Working a 2 production shift system

• Jigging method of work pieces via mono rail jigs, 7m in length .





Economic Interest:

• Great improvement of cosmetic appearance of work pieces.  Removed “orange” peel effect

• Approximate powder savings of 30% over existing equipment

Economic Interest





SAMES Approach:

• In collaboration with PFS (Distributor located in north)

• We conducted a two week trial using (2) InoBells® at the customer’s location

• The trial resulted in the customer placing an order for the InoBells® with the understanding that the “demo InoBells®

would not be removed until the new equipment arrived.

SAMES Approach







  • The #1 customer requirement was for the InoBells® to deliver powder savings over the existing equipment.

  • SAMES Advantage: SWS kept the demo equipment until they received the delivery of their order!  There was great improvement in the appearance of the pieces and the “orange peel” effect was removed!  SWS received approximately 30% powder savings over previous equipment.

Customer Requipment Photo

Equipment Installed:

  • (1) FCR cabinet (small)
  • (2) InoBells®with TCR controllers
  • (2) Mach-Jet guns (manual touch up, if required)
  • (2) e-Jet carts with vibratory beds used for powder supply to InoBells®

Previous installation:

  • (6) Voltec automatic guns
  • (2) Voltec manual units

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