Technical Tips for Cutting and Layering Extensions

Many people get extensions to add length or volume to their existing style. When this is the case, you want to provide a seamless, finish to your look. ColdHair Academy’s hair extension course provides lots of tips to ensure a natural and blended overall look from which to start styling. The end result should be blended, with no clumps or uneven areas.

Blending Extensions

The first and most important step to achieving natural looking hair is correctly blending the colour. If the extension colour is mismatched it will stand out and make your overall look appear unprofessional. ColdHair’s online hair extension courses in Canada offers a wide range of naturally coloured extensions and the course gives comprehensive instructions to help you match them perfectly. To ensure a perfect, seamless blend, you also need to match the texture and density of the hair. ColdHair Academy’s hair extension course will help you with this too, to produce a gorgeous, faultless look.

Attaching Hair Extensions

Before you begin, double check that the extensions you’re using are the proper colour, length, and right attachment size. Once the extensions are installed, the final step is to blend the client’s natural hair. This process will include cutting to prepare the natural hair for the finished style. There are several cutting techniques that can be used

1.Point Cutting This helps to blur installation lines and give a smoother more natural finish

2.Slicing and/or Razor Cutting This is usually used to frame the client’s face, or to add layers.

3.Blunt Cutting Blunt cutting is the final stage of the cutting process. Once the style is in place, use a blunt cut technique to remove any stray or wispy hairs that have been left.

These techniques may seem daunting at first, but the hair extension cutting course from ColdHair Acadeny will offer you step-by-step instructions to build your confidence and ensure you create elegant results for your clients.

Layer Cut Hair Extensions

Layering is a great technique to use when learning to blend natural hair with extensions. When you follow the visual instructions available with ColdHair Academy’s online hair extension courses across Canada, you will find all the resources you need to learn this handy skill. Here are a few tips:

  • Build Toward Your Final Goal. This usually means placing longer strands in the back and shorter ones where they will frame the face.
  • Best Tools Give Best Results. When purchasing combs, brushes and especially shear, buy the best you can afford. Working with good tools makes your job much easier and more effective. It also will save you money towards upkeep and replacement in the long run.
  • Consider Hair Type. All styles will not necessary work well with every hair type. Know your client and your product before recommending a style.

For more detail on these and other hints about creating beautiful results from hair extensions, investigate hair extension course available online from ColdHair Academy.

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