The Selection Guide of Magnetic-Drive PD Pumps in Chemical Processing

Working with chemicals requires safety, precision, and accuracy. You need a system to process, store, and move these substances. If you work in the manufacturing industry, you may encounter the need for a pumping system. There are a few options to choose from to accomplish these goals and needs for your customers. Magnetic-drive positive displace pumps are a common choice. These devices capture a certain volume of liquid and then send it to another location in the process. You can follow guidelines to pick the right mag-drive pumps

Seal or No Seal

When you purchase and use pumps in your facility, you will either have a sealed or non-sealed device. With sealed pumps, you contain the liquid inside with seals. Pumps without seals can have other methods of containing the chemicals inside. Seals of mag-drive chemicals pumps can handle continuous fluid across the seal faces. Meanwhile, non-sealed pumps should not have a problem with leaking during the process. 

Whether your pump has a seal may not be the only consideration when choosing a device. If there is a problem, it may not be because there was or wasn’t a seal either. Other issues such as temperature changes, high or low pressure, or viscosity can cause leaks

Why Go With Sealless Positive Displacement Pumps and What to Get?

There are a few enemies to any production and manufacturing process. These include downtime, maintenance, and repairs. These can slow down production or even cause them to come to a halt. You will also notice a rise in costs when these incidents occur or must take place. When you have sealless mag-drive pumps, you will have less maintenance and fewer repairs. 

Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps are a common choice today. These are useful when you have chemical processing. A big advantage of AODD pumps is that they create an effective vacuum. This allows them to self-prime and have excellent suction. You will also appreciate that they are more affordable. Plus, these pumps are not as difficult to install or operate. Be aware, however, that they have narrower pressure capacities than other options. 

Peristaltic pumps are also another type you should consider. You may want to go with this variety if your operations include liquids with large solids. These pumps are larger, so you will need more room to accommodate them in your facility. 

Sliding vane and internal gear pumps are others you can consider. If you want a solution that does not require compressed air, go with these. 

You Can Make the Right Choice

Positive displacement pumps have an essential place in some industries. If your operations require one, let the team help. Contact us today so you can improve your processes.

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