Theft Deterrent Cemetery Vases and Burial Urns Launched by Rotomolding Leader

There has been a growing problem in the cemeteries across America. Thefts of cemetery flower vases produced from precious metals that are used to memorialize loved ones at a gravesite, have been reported in the thousands all over the nation. Cemetery vases are cashed in as scrap metal, usually with little or no consequences to the thieves. Families and cemeteries are both left to deal with the replacement vases with no guarantees that it won’t be stolen again. This is one of the many factors that prompted ForeverSafe™ Products, a line of high quality, versatile replacement vases that are of no value to a metal thief, to be launched by world-class manufacturing leader, Granger Industries Inc..

ForeverSafe™ cemetery vases are made of extremely durable polyethylene and are available in eight custom proprietary finishes to blend seamlessly with marble and metal grave markers, headstones and monuments. The replacement cemetery vases are offered with a custom plate to fit most existing manufacturer’s canisters. The ForeverSafe™ vase is also sold as a cemetery vase and canister set for new monuments and markers. In addition to being a theft deterrent, polyethylene is also widely recognized for its durability and lifespan. ForeverSafe™ cemetery vases are impervious to the elements and can be used in freezing conditions without the risks of cracking like it’s metal counterparts, which sometime freeze, crack or break.

There was also a need for a high quality but less expensive option to burial urns. The ForeverSafe™ burial urn is a secure vessel that can be buried without the need of an additional urn vault. While available in eight beautiful granite and metallic finishes, ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns display respectfully in a memorial of any sort. Waterproof and water tight, ForeverSafe™ Urns are extremely resistant to damage or deterioration. As with most all Granger Industries products, ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns and cemetery vases are all American made, strictly with American made materials. ForeverSafe™ products allow peace in any resting place.

ForeverSafe™ products are becoming available in a number of various outlets including funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries and more. For more information on purchasing directly or becoming a

ForeverSafe™ products retailer, please visit or contact Granger Industries directly at 513-424-1955.

Granger Industries Inc, a world leading manufacturing company includes ForeverSafe™ Products, Granger Aerospace Products and The Granger Plastics Company, a world renowned Rotational Molding Company located in Middletown, OH. You can learn more about Granger Industries by visiting or more about Granger Plastics at

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