Tips for Maintaining an Active Business Blog

In order to succeed in online marketing today, it’s important to produce quality content on a consistent basis. Content marketing is what drives links and establishes search engine and target audience member trust over time. A great way to ensure that your business is creating content is to operate a business blog. While companies understand the importance of a business blog, what many tend to forget is that the blog needs to remain active. If you can’t commit to posting new blog content on a regular basis, then you shouldn’t create a blog in the first place. Operating a business blog that hasn’t been updated in months is unprofessional.

While it’s understandable that things can get busy, it’s imperative that your blog isn’t one of the things that gets put to the side.

Here are some tips to keep your blog active:

Create an Editorial Calendar

When it comes to blogging, it’s important to be organized, create a blogging schedule, and stick to it! Whether you decide to post a blog entry three times a week or once a week, you need to set time aside to dedicate to it. Don’t view blogging as something extra that you will get around to whenever you have the time. Blogging should be a priority.

Brainstorm Topic Ideas

One of the biggest frustrations that businesses have when it comes to blogging is struggling to find a topic to write about it. In many cases, these business bloggers are over-thinking it.

Really ANY topic that is related to your business or industry is fair game. Share your thoughts on recent news and developments in the industry or in related industries. Set up Google alerts for industry topics to see what others are saying and use that as inspiration. Ask your customer service department for input, since they interact with customers on a daily basis.

Write posts that discuss common questions or concerns that customers have. Posts can be a combination of educational and informational.

Hire a Content Writer

Not everybody can write well. If you don’t have an in house content writer, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing the work. Good content writers can write about basically anything as long as they are given clear direction. Remember, if you’re going to outsource content work you have to be willing to pay. Hiring a cheap writer means that the quality of the work will also be cheap.

Mix Up Your Post Content

Blog posts don’t always need to be 500 words of written text. A blog is a great place to share other types of content as well like videos or presentations that you’ve uploaded. Blog visitors will appreciate a variety of content, since people like to learn in different ways.

Include Guest Posts

Allowing other writers to submit guest posts to your blog is a great way to keep it active, while also giving you and your content staff a slight breather. Of course, it’s still important to read and proof guest content before publishing it to make sure that it is of good quality and in line with the kind of content that your blog readers have come to expect.

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