Use Fire-resistant Boards to Reduce Fire Damage

Fires claim many lives every year, and in an industrial setting, they can be particularly deadly. In addition, they can cause expensive damage and set back production for many weeks. You might not know that the building materials you use can change how much you or your workers get exposed to smoke and fire. Of course, there is no building that is completely fire-proof. However, using fire resistant boards can certainly help reduce the damage to your facility.

Protection Against Fire

During a fire, your building is exposed to incredibly high temperatures. If the fire in one part of the facility is strong enough, it can ignite combustible materials elsewhere without the fire ever contacting them directly. Using an fire resistant board can help ensure that the high temperatures do not cause items elsewhere to go up in smoke.

Many fire resistant board manufacturers recommend that you use calcium silicate or fibre cement boards as these do not burn. You can find quality ones that have UL listings for non-load bearing walls for as long as three hours. You want to find boards that meet internationallyrecognized standards.

For medium-density fire protection, you can look for Promatect H, which comes in thicknesses from 15 mm (5/8”) to 25 mm (1”). If you want something that is not quite as dense, you should consider Promatect L, which is about 30 mm (1 1/4″) thick. Many engineers and architects choose these types of protection when they need to protect structural steel columns and beams.

Using a Fire and Blast-resistant Board

In some scenarios, a fire can cause chemicals you may have on-site to explode. To prevent further damage to the area, you will want to look for a board that resists explosions as well as fire. Many facilities choose DuraSteel, which provides excellent fire and blast protection.

This fire resistant board consist of two metal sheets mechanically bonded to a strong fibre cement core.Overall, it is a highly robust product that does well in a variety of harsh industrial environments. It’s an excellent addition to any type of passive fire protection system.

Turn to a Trusted Source

With fire incidents rising each year, your structural materials might be a concern for you. The good news is that you can easily reduce the damage at your facility by using fire resistant boards. By preventing the spread of fire, you can buy yourself enough time to get everyone out safely and put out the fire. As of one of the leading fire resistant board suppliers, DuraSystems can help you do that. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to choose a suitable material for your facility.

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