Washington Mills on Blasting Abrasives: Dusty is not Desirable

Why Dusty Abrasive Grain is Not Desirable

High quality abrasive grains are carefully graded to ensure that the grains are free from excess dust. While dust may seem harmless, it can actually make your post-blasting cleaning job harder. Blasting pieces with dusty abrasive grains can leave work pieces with a coating of dust that must be removed before going to the next step in your process. Additional cleaning time adds cost to your cleaning process.

The presence of excess dust in your grain also means that you are paying for material that ultimately gets sucked right into dust collector and never works the piece as intended.

If you notice that the abrasive grain you’re using leaves behind dust and requires additional clean up, call Washington Mills to discuss our low dust, closely graded high quality blasting abrasive, BLASTITE BT, at info@washingtonmills.com or 508-839-6511.

About Washington Mills

Washington Mills started manufacturing abrasives in the U.S in 1868 and over 140 years later, we continue to manufacture high quality abrasives and serve thousands of customers around the world. We carefully screen our blasting products for grading to ensure our grits are dust-free and meet the highest quality standards.




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