Washington Mills: Blasting to the Right Surface Profile

If you are using a poorly graded abrasive grain that does not meet the required grit size specification, it may not be producing the surface finish you desire. Blasting with poorly graded abrasive grain can create a profile that differs from the intended profile you aimed to achieve. Re-finishing profiles takes time and money that could have been saved by selecting a high quality abrasive grain to create your specified profile.

If the abrasive grain you’re using doesn’t consistently create your desired profile, you may need to switch to a higher quality, more consistently graded abrasive grain. For more information on profiles and Washington Mills’ high quality blasting abrasive, BLASTITE, please contact us today at info@washingtonmills.com or 800-828-1666.


About Washington Mills

Washington Mills started manufacturing abrasives in the U.S in 1868 and over 140 years later, we continue to manufacture high quality abrasives and serve thousands of customers around the world. We carefully manufacture our blasting products to the highest quality standards in order to meet your toughest profiles.

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