Washington Mills: DURALUMR Special White

DURALUM® Special White (white aluminum oxide)
Have you ever wondered what makes DURALUM® Special White, so special?
Specially selected raw materials are fused in an electric arc furnace, under precise conditions and controls, to produce DURALUM® Special White, a high purity, white alpha aluminum oxide manufactured in the United States.
Measuring at 9+ on the MOHS hardness scale and more than 99.7% Al2O3, DURALUM® Special White is an ideal material for medical, aerospace or high purity blasting applications. Surfaces sensitive to impurities that require gentle metal removal, would benefit from the use of DURALUM® Special White due to the precisely controlled production, consistent quality and overall performance when used in surface finishing operations.
Contact Washington Mills today to learn more about our DURALUM® Special White. To speak with a specialist, please contact us at info@washingtonmills.com or toll free at 800-828-1666



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