Washington Mills DURAMUL: Has No Free Silica

If you are using a cheaper mullite raw material in your refractory and have concerns regarding the level of exposure to free silica, consider trying DURAMUL, Washington Mills’ fused mullite product. Washington Mills’ fused mullite has excellent thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and NO free silica. The properties of DURAMUL fused mullite are unique because Washington Mills controls the chemistry of the product through our fusion process. Stoichiometric mullite is composed of approximately 73% alumina and 27% silica. Any amount of silica above this amount will result in free silica. However, we make DURAMUL fused mullite so it has slightly less silica – 25% silica and 75% alumina. This ratio allows all the silica to react with alumina in order to be formed into the mullite phase leaving some free alumina but no free silica. This reduces any operational hazards of having to use a refractory raw material with free silica.

Please call us to today to learn more about our DURAMUL product and how fused mullite can be used to reduce the exposure to free silica in manufacturing your refractory. Contact Washington Mills atinfo@washingtonmills.com or 800-828-1666.

About Washington Mills

Washington Mills controls the chemistry of our fused mullite from start to finish. We fuse and process fused mullite in North America which gives us 100% control over the manufacturing process. This process and quality control allows us to manufacture DURAMUL, a high quality fused mullite product, to meet your raw material refractory needs.



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