Washington Mills Expands Aluminum Oxide Recycling Services

Washington Mills has expanded its aluminum oxide recycling services for spent aluminum oxide blasting grit. Improvements have been made that allow Washington Mills to recycle higher volumes of dust and finer spent aluminum oxide blasting grit and powder than ever before. The previous system limited the amount of very fine material that could be recycled but new developments have eliminated the grit size restrictions. Washington Mills recycles spent aluminum oxide blasting grain in a completely closed loop recycling system by utilizing its unique furnace technology. Washington Mills recycles 100% of the material in a totally closed loop process that leaves no waste. Washington Mills offers companies holding spent blasting grain an environmentally friendly and cost effective way of getting rid of 100% of their spent grit that avoids landfill costs.

For more information on Washington Mills’ Recycling Services, please contact us today at info@washingtonmills.com or 508-839-6511. Washington Mills can be found here on MacRAE’s Blue Book!!!!

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