Weight of Your Investment Cast Shell Got You Down?

If you are concerned that your investment cast shell might be too heavy, take some weight off by switching your raw material to DURAMUL – Washington Mills’ fused mullite. Washington Mills fused mullite has:

  • Lighter weight than alumina and zircon
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • High purity to eliminate contamination & maintain high use temperature
  • High strength

A heavier shell requires more energy in drying and firing and is less efficient than one made of fused mullite. Please call us to today to learn more about our DURAMUL product and how fused mullite can be used to lighten your investment cast shell without compromising its strength. Contact Washington Mills at info@washingtonmills.com or 800-828-1666.

About Washington Mills

Washington Mills is a reliable, high quality supplier of refractory raw materials to the investment cast industry. We control the quality of our fused mullite from start to finish. We fuse and process fused mullite in North America which gives us 100% control over the manufacturing process. This process and quality control allows us to manufacture DURAMUL, a high quality fused mullite product, to meet your investment cast shell building needs.

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