What an Industrial Work Platform (Mezzanine) Can Do for a Warehouse

As a business grows, there is often a need for increased storage capacity. This is especially true of warehouse facilities. There are several ways to approach the problem of increasing capacity, with storage needs, budget, and space all being factors. When looking to increase capacity within the current warehouse building, a work platform (mezzanine platform) has several advantages.

A work platform (mezzanine platform) is an intermediate floor that is open to the floor below, typically installed in high-ceilinged structures. They do not extend across the entire floor space.

For warehouses, work platforms (metal mezzanine systems) are an ideal solution. They effectively increase your available floor space without the need to increase the footprint of your warehouse space. Industrial platform (mezzanine) systems allow the addition of space without the need to relocate, making them ideal solutions for a growing business.



When compared to the expense and effort of building a new facility, installing a platform (mezzanine) is relatively simple. It is however, important to note that industrial shelving and work platforms (industrial mezzanine systems) need to be professionally installed.

Retail hybrids

For warehouse facilities that allow direct customer access or have a retail component to them, work platforms (metal mezzanine systems) offer an area to display merchandise, create a demonstration area, or they can be used as office space. They are also capable of storing inventory and can be an alternative to rack systems.


A work platform (mezzanine platform) can be configured in a multitude of ways, depending on the available space and the needs of the business. These systems can also be configured to accommodate future expansion plans.

Types of Industrial Shelving and Work Platforms (Metal Mezzanine Systems)

There are several types of work platform (mezzanine platform) systems available. The decision of which system to install depends on the needs of the business. Some of the factors to consider include what the platform will be used for, the weight of items placed on the platform, and existing warehouse shelving.

Shelf Supported

This style requires an existing shelving system, or the installation of a shelf, as the platform relies on the shelf for support. This option is lighter than other styles and can be used either for storage or as a catwalk.

Column Connected

These types of systems attach to the structure of the warehouse. They rely on the existing warehouse columns for support. Unlike other systems, these are typically used primarily for storage.


When storage for small and light objects is required, this option is a cost-effective solution. Unlike shelf-supported systems, these are a lightweight option not intended for supporting heavy items.


Free-standing systems are also referred to as equipment platforms. They are generally a large space used as an additional floor for storing large or heavy items.

There are many uses for an industrial shelving and work platform (industrial mezzanine system), and they can be configured in a variety of ways to suit a multitude of needs. These systems are a great way to create additional capacity without the cost or complication of building an entirely new building.

To find the right solution for your needs, contact Western Pacific Storage Solutions.

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