What Are the Benefits of Choosing Laser Cutting for Fabricating Sheet Metal?

For laser cutting services, a fabricator will typically offer the customer several different options. However, they consider other factors besides the customer’s preference. Some of those include the type of metal, its thickness, and the desired finished product. One technique that gets rave reviews is to laser cut metal.

What Is Steel Laser Cutting?

Just as the name implies, this fabrication method involves using a laser beam to make cuts in different types of metal. As one of the more advanced options and because it offers benefits beyond the capabilities of other techniques, it’s become a top solution.

Key Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting

This is where things get exciting, especially for certain industries. For those that use fabrication services, whether for in-house machine tools or to make complex consumer products, precision cuts are incredibly important. If you’re searching for a company that can laser cut metal, focus on the experience. That way, you’ll end up with an extremely accurate product.

Below are a few examples of the benefits that go hand-in-hand with steel laser cutting.

Clean Edges

A laser beam cuts a specific spot on the workpiece but without overheating the surrounding area. With pinpoint precision, that results in clean edges. As a result, there’s less finishing work to do. Another part of steel laser cutting is that a fabricator can use the device’s small kerf on the area around where the beam is focused, called the Heat Affected Zone or HAZ. By doing so, the expert can create intricate shapes.

Minimal Risk of Warping

When cutting metal with a different fabrication method, there’s a risk of the workpiece warping. Not only does that waste material and money, but it also slows down the process. Fiber laser cutting reduces this risk dramatically. Considering the laser has a small HAZ, there’s little chance of the surrounding area sustaining damage.

Fantastic Customization Options

Among all the reasons so many industries use steel laser cutting services, this one is at the top. Customization is an incredible benefit. Many industries must come up with creative designs for parts, components, and consumer products not offered by their competitors. This is what gives them an edge to succeed.

So, when a customer needs specific criteria met, a reputable fabrication company can deliver. The process to laser cut metal is fast and customizable regardless of the workpiece’s thickness.

Efficient and Fast

As mentioned, steel laser cutting is a fast technique. The speed depends on the specific device a fabrication company uses. On average, fiber laser cutting can complete between 20 and 70 inches per minute. There’s even a way to reduce the amount of time it takes to program a laser cutter. This is by equipping it with dual tables that calibrate and position themselves automatically.

We Offer Outstanding Fabrication Services

If you need professional fiber laser cutting, contact us at Weldflow Metal Products.

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