What Features Should an EMR Have?

When it comes to software for electronic medical records, certain features should be included. These include a customizable template, 24/7 access, shareable information to other physicians, and more. It is essential to invest in the right electronic medical records software to utilize the capacity of this technology.

Electronic Medical Records

An EMR, also known as an electronic medical record, is a digital record of a patient’s information. Typically, this information is printed on paper and stored in the physician’s office, so certain information is not readily available to other physicians. This makes it challenging when visiting another clinic or hospital as the necessary data needs to be transferred. It makes the system lengthy and can pose the potential risk for incorrect information, misdiagnosis, and incorrect prescriptions. But with the advancement of technology, software for electronic medical records lessens all of the issues and prevents them from arising.

What are the Features?

There are specific features that should be included in medical record management software. The key features include:

  • Customizable Templates

An EMR should come equipped with customizable templates. The EMR software systems depend on the provider, but they should have an easy-to-use interface for inputting data and information. It will make the process faster and more efficient if it is simple to manage. A customizable template allows medical professionals to create a unique template that works best for their practice.

  • Access Whenever, Wherever

The system should be available to use at any time with no limitations on the location. This ensures no delays or issues arise with a lack of useability.

  • Ability to Share Information with Physicians

Sending and receiving information for patients is a crucial factor in ensuring the health care provided is quick and efficient. There should be a feature where physicians can communicate to answer any questions or follow up with any outstanding issues.

  • Labs and Imaging

The EMR software systems should allow for labs and images to be sent to the appropriate source to quicken the process. This makes it highly convenient for healthcare providers.

  • Electronic Forms

Electronic forms can be a hassle if stored in a separate database. Having information all in one place makes it easier to find and ensures nothing gets misplaced. Electronic forms include questionnaires, requisitions, lab results, and more.

Our software for electronic medical records comes equipped with all the necessary features and more. We provide reliable and efficient services to put your mind at ease. Health care is made easy with our EMR. To learn more about our services, visit our website and speak to a professional team member.

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