What impacts the cost of a rental bin

One-size-fits-all  solutions might be good when buying socks or a winter toque. However, when it comes to industrial rentals, a one-price-fits-all solution is next to impossible. Every construction job generates its own volume of waste, every clean-up project includes different kinds of junk. The simple truth is, there are many different factors that can affect the price of your bin rental Toronto service. 


There’s no question that when it comes to dumpster rental Toronto clients are all hoping for the best price.  Dumpsters are a great way to get rid of a lot of unwanted materials, but there is a cost whether it’s a commercial or residential rental. Working out various quotes with companies that rent disposal bins in Toronto will no doubt net  you different prices. There are a number of factors involved in establishing a price that fits your budget. Here are the Top five factors affecting your bin rental Toronto:

  • Size matters. Yes, it’s true – the bigger the unit, the more it’s going to cost you. It’s important to properly gauge the dimensions of the materials you’re dumping. You’d hate to rent a smaller bin in the hopes of saving money, only to find you need another dumpster rental Toronto delivery. Your rental company should be able to help you decide on the right bin.
  • Weight of materials being loaded into your dumpster could have an impact. Landfills tend to charge by weight, so make sure you consult your rental company to determine guidelines and approximate the potential landfill fees you might face. 
  • Length of time you want your rental on site will impact the price. Some construction jobs rent larger bins for a period of time; residential property owners might want a bin for a one-day rapid-fire clean up. When considering disposal bins in Toronto, make sure you consider the length of time you’ll be needing the bin. Running overtime will cost you. 
  • The materials set to be discarded could have an impact on the price you pay for your rental. Some rental companies will encourage you to separate reusable and recyclable materials to avoid them going to a landfill. The company could recoup some costs and offer you discounts if they can salvage some of the items you discard. Ultimately, if you put things in the dumpster that shouldn’t be in there – toxic materials, nuclear uranium, bodies, corrosive materials – you’re going to wind up paying extra or perhaps being arrested! In all seriousness, be sure to check the list of items that can legally be taken away in a dumpster.
  • The final factor affecting your rental cost is the company from which you rent. Companies located further away might charge you more for pick-up and delivery. Sometimes a competitive local market can be a benefit to the consumer, because they can get multiple quotes. A long-established disposal bins Toronto provider might have more flexible payment terms than one of the many upstart rental companies. Bottom line is always check around. You might also have to pay for permits in some markets depending on the type of materials and job you’re completing.


For disposal bin rental Toronto options, always check with Junk Out first. We are a leading name in bin rentals, junk removal, demolition services and more. Our team can help you determine your rental needs and quickly facilitate delivery of the bin you need for the length of time you need it and a price you can afford.

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