Why Junk Removal Companies should Partner with Cleaning Companies

Junk removal is a big piece of the puzzle if you’re clearing out a commercial space or during/after a construction project. However, it’s just one piece of the puzzle – you also need office cleaning services, and here’s why…

Proper Disposal of Garbage

Junk removal companies do an efficient job of ensuring bulk items such as desks and appliances are brought to the appropriate waste station. However, if the client (or building manager) does the final cleanup themselves, it can mean a lot of unnecessary waste headed to landfill.

However, office cleaning companies are also well-versed in what can be recycled, and strive to dispose of all remaining waste in a responsible manner.

Clearing Space For Construction Workers

As junk removal companies already know, construction and demolition is a messy business. There are also construction deadlines to meet while the debris piles up, which can be tough to keep under control.

However, teaming up with commercial cleaning services in Toronto means you can have efficient cleanups done as the project progresses. This has a variety of benefits to the workers, including:

• More space for workers to move around in
• Fewer hazards such as broken glass and nails
• Easier to find usable materials
• Less dust/grime for workers to potentially breathe in

The Final Touches Before Opening

Junk removal companies are invaluable when it comes to removing larger items, whether that’s office furniture or concrete from a demolition. However, while they can haul all of this junk away without a hassle, there could still be a mess – from drywall pieces to stray nails – that needs to be dealt with by office cleaning companies.

If you’re a junk removal company, or a building manager/owner, then partnering with commercial cleaners will ensure the job is completed properly. Commercial cleaning services in Toronto know where to look for leftover clutter and other messes (such as dust and dirt) that can make its way into hard-to-reach spaces.

Some cleaning companies can also add other finishing touches such as stripping/waxing hard floors to complete the job – without causing damage to any newly finished surfaces.

Office cleaning services also has the right experience and tools to quickly make any space shine, making it more presentable and adding value to the office junk cleanout/construction waste removal service.

A More Thorough Approach to Office/Construction Cleanup

Teaming up with office cleaning companies provides a two-pronged approach to cleanliness. The junk removal companies can deal with larger items, while commercial cleaning services in Toronto can handle leftover garbage, floor stains, dirt, and dust. It can also ensure any leftover items are recycled if possible!

Find out more about the benefits of office cleaning from Emerald Building Caretakers.

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