Why Winterize Asphalt Pavement

With winter comes snow, and with snow comes difficult—sometimes dangerous—driving conditions. Making sure asphalt is ready for winter means checking for problems that may not be noticed in the snow. Asphalt repair products exist to solve any of the following problems.

Asphalt should be checked for for:

  • Worn Letters and Striping
  • Cracks, Divots, or Uneven Pavement
  • Standing Water
  • Oil or Other Chemical Leaks
  • Holes

To check for any of these problems, the road or parking lot should be swept and cleared of any debris that may get lost in the snow. Then, you can work your way down the list.

Worn Letters and Striping

Letters and striping on the pavement that is worn out, faded, or missing can be covered by snow and ice during the winter. These will be hard to read during the winter, as well, due to cloud cover and rain.

Cracks, Divots, Uneven Pavement

Cracks, divots, and uneven pavement may be more noticeable when it isn’t snowing, but if it snows, drivers may not see them and could end up causing damage to their car. Fixing cracks with ProPatch asphalt repair products from us could save a lot of money in damages. ProPatch bonds securely with road surfaces and forms permanent asphalt repair that is instantly ready for traffic.

Standing Water

Water degrades asphalt over time, so if there is significant standing water on the asphalt, there is likely damage that needs to be repaired. Water will continue to degrade the asphalt, resulting in massive puddles in your asphalt. ProPatch can fix your standing water problem.

Oil or Other Chemical Leaks

Oil and other chemicals can leak onto the asphalt, which can cause binders in asphalt to break down and can lead to subsurface problems. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent asphalt degradation.


The worst problem you can encounter in asphalt is a hole. Holes can cause devastating damages if they aren’t visible during the winter. Snow and ice will fill the hole but won’t be solid enough to support the weight of a car. This can cause popped tires and other damages. Holes can be patched with ProPatch.

What Really Is ProPatch?

ProPatch is a high-performance patching material formulated using ¼ chip aggregate and high-quality modified cutback asphalt. It was designed to fix potholes, street edges, utility cuts, and large cracks. ProPatch is an easy to apply, year-round, permanent asphalt solution.

We offer products for parking lot repair and road repair. Once the asphalt is repaired, it can be driven on immediately. ProPatch becomes a permanent part of the roadway.

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