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If you’ve always wanted to pursue writing but aren’t sure how to get started, then try writing a guest blog for us! Our goal is to have writers from around the world write for us about a multitude of topics.

We love reading blogs with fresh perspectives and new ideas. If you would like to write for us, please send your article to The article will be reviewed by our team for the quality of writing, original content, and grammar. We suggest that you browse through our website and read the blogs to get a feel of the tone, structure, and format that we prefer. Any plagiarized articles will be rejected.

Before Submitting Your Article:

  • The article must be written and owned by the submitting author. It must be exclusively posted to
  • Each article must be a minimum of 700+ words.
  • Once published, the article will become the intellectual property of MacRAE’s.
  • We run software to weed out plagiarized copies. This is to ensure that we won’t run into legal troubles for a copyright violation.
  • Spun articles will be rejected.
  • Proofread all of your copies for spelling and grammar errors to boost the chances of getting approved.
  • The article must have at least one internal link to related blogs already published on our website.
  • Please include one copyright-free image in your article. If the image is protected by copyright, the link and information should be provided.
  • Include an author’s byline and a short bio.
  • The author’s bio may contain a “no follow link” but only for guest posts. For sponsored posts, the “no follow link” can be inserted in the body of the article.
  • The links must be organic and should not land on a competitor site, or a website with illegal or spam content.
  • Submission is not a guarantee of publication. Your articles will be evaluated by our content team and you will be notified of our decision within 3-4 Business days.
  • For information on Dofollow links, sponsored and paid posts, please contact

Please carefully review all of the above conditions if you wish to write for us. Advertising Standards Canada has strict disclosure guidelines that we are mandated to follow. In this regard, we will HTML-tag “no follow” on all live links whether they are free or paid.

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  • Reporting your site to Google, which results in a loss of your search engine page ranking.
  • Contacting your affiliate advertisers, who have strict rules about associating with websites that steal content.
  • Warning other websites and the public about your illegal activity.

We are looking for blogs on the following topics:

  • Accessories
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  • Books
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  • Clothing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fashion
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  • General
  • Green Energy
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