A Bright Future for Self Service Contactless Lockers

Is the typical 9-5 workday a thing of the past? According to this report from Statistics Canada, an estimated 40% of jobs can be carried out at home. The work-from-home model was already beginning to take hold before the global pandemic and now, more and more corporations are embracing the cost savings that can be found through this new way of doing business. With some modifications to traditional business practices, including updating parcel management solutions, there is every indication that remote work may indeed become the new normal.

A contactless package delivery locker is an electronic device that provides a touch-free way to deliver, store and retrieve items. They are used for everything from sharing materials between management and employees to the deposit and collection of retail purchases and food deliveries. When an item it delivered, the deposit is scanned and securely locked inside a touchless parcel locker. Then a notification is sent to the recipient with a pickup code that is either scanned using their smartphone or entered on the secure touchscreen at the locker’s ATM-style terminal.

Retailers across Canada have already embraced the simplicity and security of using these lockers as a smart parcel management solution. A contactless package delivery locker is the perfect solution that allows people working from home the benefit of shopping online and then picking up their purchase whenever it suits their schedules. Now, more and more business owners are coming on board to offer their remote workers these same benefits. By using touchless parcel lockers, companies can virtually eliminate the need for employees to visit the corporate office. For example, employees can use smart lockers to drop off or pick up equipment in need of repair, pick up required documents, deliver completed projects and even share materials and devices using a bank of lockers that serves as a digital warehouse.

By all indications, the work-from-home model is here to stay and parcel management solutions are a necessity in virtually every industry. Even employees who continue to work on-site can benefit from the security of a contactless package delivery locker that enables them to share resources and materials while maintaining a safe distance. By installing Snaile smart parcel lockers in mailrooms, delivery and distribution areas, as well as co-working spaces, your management, staff, and customers will all benefit from a more consistent, secure and reliable flow of deliveries, 24/7. Further, these lockers provide secure, around-the-clock access to employees who choose to work outside of the traditional 9-5 schedule.

From small B2B start-ups to international corporations, every business requires the security of smart parcel management. Canadian-made these lockers are fully integrated, compliant with Canada’s PIPEDA laws and available in multiple dimensions and configurations, so, there are commercial smart locker solutions available for every size business and across every industry.

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