Improve Your Sales Conversion Rate with a B2B Directory

To reap the full benefit of a touchdown in football, it’s important to successfully execute the conversion. When your goal is executing B2B sales to individuals, organizations, and companies aligned with the medical health industry in Canada, the successful conversion of a prospect into a client is also a way for salespeople to rack up wins. There are many tactics you can employ to increase your conversions including a subscription to an Ontario doctor’s directory.


Five Reasons a B2B Directory Can Help Increase Your Conversions

Subscribing to an Ontario physician directory loaded with up-to-date information on doctors, physicians, medical professionals, and medical organizations is an invaluable sales tool. While engaging in medical and pharmaceutical sales can be lucrative, it is also a niche market that is extremely competitive. Converting high-value prospects into paying customers takes focus; on average, it takes 84 days to convert a lead into a sales opportunity, but only 18 days to convert the opportunity into a sale. Here are five reasons why a B2B Ontario directory of physicians can help salespeople achieve their goals:

  1. A directory dedicated to information on medical professionals helps salespeople generate targeted leads faster and more efficiently
  2. Developing more leads opens the opportunity to convert them into sales
  3. The information in an Ontario doctor’s directory is clean data; the amount of time wasted chasing bad leads is reduced to zero
  4. Targeting hospitals, clinics, and medical organizations is simpler given access to a single online source listing thousands of profiles across the country
  5. By getting a wide spectrum of information on doctors and physicians, you can more accurately develop proposals that align with the needs of the individuals you will attempt to target with your sales and marketing outreach

Get the #1 Resource for Salespeople Looking to Convert Sales

The success of a focused marketing plan is too often judged based solely on sales. Using sales as the sole measure of performances fails to demonstrate the true value of your B2B marketing efforts. There are other benchmarks, including the success of your conversions. What is a good conversation rate? That depends on the goals you’re striving to meet, the marketing channels you are using, and the industry you’re targeting. When it comes to targeting the medical industry, your successful conversions will increase when you subscribe to Scott’s Directories to gain access to their Ontario directory of physicians. This database offers comprehensive information on the key decision-makers in the medical industry. With 34 different ways to search, you can quickly use a keyword strategy that generates a very targeted list of potential leads. Get the precise results you want when developing your sales outreach strategy, then set to task converting those leads into long term clients. Scott’s Directories is a one-stop-shop for B2B salespeople looking to increase conversion rates selling to the medical industry.

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