What It Takes to Ensure Better Surface Finish in CNC Machined Parts

When it comes to getting the best surface finish in CNC parts, there are several things to keep in mind. The right company will work with a company to help them get the right finish. Of course, that includes working with suitable materials, but it also consists of the processes used after the part gets made. Knowing more about how CNC machining services work to get the right surface finish can help a facility to make a better decision about the parts used.

Using the Right Speeds

A manufacturing company will try to work with the perfect feed or speed when it comes to finishing the product. If the right speed does not get used, then the result may not be satisfactory. Instead, a company will often lower the inch per revolution while making the surface feet per minute lower. That way, the tools used can last longer, and the insert in the machine can also last longer.

Using the Right Tools

The right company will choose to use sharper inserts. To make the surface finish better, the company can also offer a better lead angle. In addition, a custom CNC machining company also needs to use balanced tooling, which can prevent the area from vibrating. That can make the finished result more fine-tuned to the client’s needs.

Measuring the Surface Finish

It is critical for companies to know more about the surfaces that they are working with. That way, they can choose the right types of techniques to use with that surface, providing a better result. Specific characteristics of the finish can get measured to determine if it is good or not.

That might include microscopy or profiling to understand how smooth or rough the material is. Plus, that helps a company to better understand what technique to use. That will offer better results while still allowing them to work efficiently.

Using the Right Chip Breakers

A company will often choose to use chip breakers when they are offering custom aluminum machining. The chips could reduce the efficiency of the process, so it is necessary to control the number of chips, so they do not get on the piece getting worked on.

By using chip breakers, a company can be more efficient in preventing issues with the chips. They can reduce the pressure as well. Chip breakers can help make it easier to remove bigger pieces of chips as well.

Choose the Right Custom CNC Machining Company Today

The right custom aluminum machining company will help to provide the right surface finish. That way, a facility can have the best results possible. Contact Promark Tool and Manufacturing Inc. today to find out more about what we have to offer.

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